Embedded continuously supported resilient tram track (patented)

One of the inhibitors for corrugation are the track resonances. The influence of these resonances can be eliminated by using continuously supported track with high vertical resiliency and high or low horizontal resiliency (to shift the modes into frequency bands which are not prone to generate corrugation).

An embedded track design has been made to achieve a high vertical resiliency which guarantees also safety and stability of the track:

  • The shape of the resilient material surrounding the rail is a trapezoid with a right angle to allow a better control of the track gauge during deformation.
  • A special developed resilient material is used, composed of closed cells to work in a confined space and to keep its resilient property even when polluted by water.
  • The height of the resilient layer under the rail foot is controlled to maintain constant resilient property.
  • The second layer is poored around the rail on top of the first layer. It has a high stiffness, it is glued to the rail but it is free to move vertically along the borders made by the street pavement.more fluid to better surround the rail and give a uniform stiffness to the system.

Extensive tests were carried out on the newly designed embedded track system, these included

  • vertical static and dynamic stiffness tests on the resilient material used under the rail
  • vertical static and dynamic stiffness tests
  • creep test on the resilient material used under the rail
  • longitudinal test
  • fatigue test

Tests were also carried to determine the settlement of the sample. The system was also tested in looking at the behavior of the sample through time when submitted to road traffic and adverse weather conditions.

The system is installed on several sites and is now commercially available on the market. Contact us for more information!

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